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Long-running Justice is more Harmful than Injustice


Aggression whether conducted on people or on  their money is considered as abuse and injustice. In this case, even society feel for the guilty and such incident turns to be controversial in media and in public opinion. The latter will ask for a penalty for the aggressor through applying justice.

If the culprit is not punished immediately, aggression will usher in traumatizing the victim and strengthening the culprit who will be sympathized by some people. This belated justice will make people feel uncomfortable as aggression is not treated fairly by law and the whole responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of the victim.

Thus, taking much time in the procedures of litigation is considered as a kind of injustice. The victim in a criminal lawsuit can be jailed for a lot of months as in remand, then he can be judged innocent. The question to be asked here is: Does innocence curb for the feeling of being jailed for many months? Of course, the immediate answer is: No. Accordingly, this can be the best incarnation of a belated justice that can be considered as an injustice.

Undoubtedly, the belated justice has social drawbacks as it impacts negatively the social feelings which are the adjuster of the social behavior. This is backed up by the fact that individuals always strongly believe that when they have a violation related to their life, money, freedom, or peace, they go back to a lawyer and the latter will immediately guarantee their rights.

In this context, the Kuwaiti Constitution mentions in the seventh article that justice, freedom, and equality are the cornerstone of society. It also states in the eighth article that the State must protect the backbones of the society as it should guarantee security and equal opportunities for all citizens. Hence, if we are going to ask the Kuwaiti Legislator to interfere to adjust laws and put necessary legislations to achieve justice, we will go back to the Kuwaiti Constitution and its amendments which transcend all laws, decisions and regulations.


Lawyer / Mubarak Aldousari