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Social Media Crimes

All unacceptable practices that have been invading the social media through destroying others’ reputation without taking into consideration the dignity of these people and their families is what has allowed some people to hurt others. This can be done through writing bad comments or ironic words that others have already written. In fact, this ushers in laughing at people and tarnishing their image, at the same, it makes those who write such comments responsible both civilly and criminally even if they do not intend to hurt others. In this context, the court of cessation states:” it is reported that, in the execution of the court, criminal intent in the crimes of insults is simply achieved through any statement of bad words even if the accused does not have any intention to hurt the other person.”

  Appeal number 1682, session 1943/1/25, year 
These new behaviors have been the result of new technology. They have pushed some people to use mistakenly social media and others to make fun of each other while pretending that this is the true sense of freedom. However, such behaviors stand for a misunderstanding of the concept of freedom of speech and they represent a lack of wisdom since such people are not aware that what they are doing in social media causes a lot of harm to others including psychological, social and personal issues.

Harming others reputation and dignity is a big shame as it leads to enemy and hatred. It is also unacceptable to seize any opportunity in order to laugh at others on purpose as this wastes people rights and damages the basic human dignity.


Lawyer / Abdulrahman Alhouti