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Dr. Abdulamir Al-Faraj


Dr. Abdulamir Al-Faraj

  • Nationality : Kuwaiti
  • Education : PhD in maritime disputes from the University of Oslo
  • Languages : Arabic & English
  • Experience : 19 years
  • Areas of Expertise : Maritime law - and arbitration in the maritime sector

Professional Experience

Captain of the high seas in the Kuwait Oil Tankers Company. He registered as an arbitrator and expert in international and Arab arbitration centers Member (ISCDR) and a representative of the court in the State of Kuwait. Member of the European Court of Arbitration and Head of the Court Branch in the State of Kuwait. Head of the Maritime Arbitration Unit, which is considered the first accredited entity in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Gulf states specialized in the field of maritime arbitration. He authored the first specialized book in the State of Kuwait and the Arab Gulf region entitled (Arbitration in Maritime Disputes) approved in the European Court - and the Library of the Commercial Arbitration Center for the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States