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Collection Department


    Collection Department:

    • Friendly Collection

      Through it, unpaid debts are collected and reassessed, and a report is submitted to the customer that includes the mechanism followed and what can be actually collected after studying the debt and updating customer data while taking into consideration the customer’s policy towards the opponents with debt.

    • Judicial Collection

      Through which the judgment is studied and its timing is evaluated in order to execute it and arrange its sum after updating the necessary data of customers.

    Means of Collection:

    • Program of following and information

      This program helps receive the files, arrange its data, classify customers, and divide data between client service agents. It also helps open special files, print inquiries for civil information, print mail notifications and orders of performance, send postal missions, make copies of all document, search on the Ministry of Justice website to find out the client’s status, prepare performance order files for submission, and prepare reports for companies and offices.

    • Program of Customer Support

      This program offers our clients, small businesses and big companies, to permanently keep them updated about their cases.