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Elections of the Kuwaiti Council of the Nation 2020

On the 5th of December 2020 at 8 o’clock am, the polling stations opened its doors for Kuwaiti voters in five election districts for voting for 2020 elections which are totally different vis a vis those of previous years. This year’s elections are undergone with a lot of health measures to counteract the virus, Covid 19.

326 candidates are competing for the seats of the parliament as 567694 voters have the right to choose 50 members to represent them in the 16th parliament.

The elections process, which relies on single non-transferable votes, will continue to 8 pm tonight with Kuwait local time. Then, the committee chairs will announce the results of the voting process and the screening process will start after closing the ballot boxes to introduce for the announcement of the official ballot results.

The health measures for the 2020 votes include avoiding of public assembly inside and outside of the polling stations, wearing of masks, sterilizing hands, wearing gloves before entering into polling stations, and committing to the only place made for voters.

The district also includes two meters of physical distance between voters as long as they are in the polling stations where medical clinics have been allocated for the safety of all voters. 

The Ministry of Health previously confirmed the need for voters who are infected with Covid 19 or those who are in lockdown to take permission through the application (Shlonok) before heading to the ballot boxes. 

A lot of schools have been devoted to welcome the voters who are infected with the virus who are in lockdown, however those who have home confinement they will vote in special committees. 

Source : National Assembly News Network