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Electronic Add: Hawiti Application

Electronic Add: Hawiti Application
Regarding to the decisions of the Ministry of Justice concerning Hawiti Application and the registration in this application in order to implement the law of electronic advertisements and as the Ministry has decided to:

-Prohibit any judiciary litigation or review the court before the registration of our clients in Hawiti Application whether they are plaintiffs or defendants ( both clients and companies). 
-If the client is a representative of a company, they should register their data in Hawiti Application.

Thus, in order to guarantee good services for our clients we are asking you to:
- upload Hawiti Application as soon as possible and register the required data.
-provide us with a copy of the personal data after finishing the registration and the authentication.

Important Note: 
All specific notes related to your litigations or those filed against you will be sent to you while referring to the data registered in Hawiti Application. So, please be careful while registering in the apolication and entering your data.